Furnished or Unfurnished

Whether the property isfurnished or unfurnished it is important that all furniture is fire resistantand that all guidelines are met. The furniture and furnishing (fire and safety)Amendment Regulation 1993 is that furniture made before 1988 isunlikely to meet the standards and should be replaced for another up to datefurniture.

However itall depends on whether you as a landlord are prepared to buy furniture whetherit’s brand new or second hand and also depending on which type of tenants youattract. By this we mean some tenants prefer to bring their own furnishing intothe property.

Althoughsome landlords do prefer not to have some properties furnished it is importantto make a good first impression to the property. So either if the property isnot fully furnished the property should contain basic essentials such ascarpets and curtains.

Furnished - Property provides the most needed furniture in all rooms and may have somedomestic appliances

Unfurnished - Property does not have any furniture and tenants will need to provide withtheir own.

Fully Furnished - Property includes everything youmight find in a home including bedding.