It is important that every landlords carries out aninventory at the start of the tenancy and when the tenancy agreement is nolonger valid.  The reason to why inventoriesare important is to allow the tenant to make sure that the property is left inthe same condition which is was let. If for any reason the property isn’t thenit is important that the tenant is aware that it could affect their deposit. Atthe start of a tenancy agreement we at Technoestates Ltd ensure that tenancydeposit scheme is placed across all tenancy agreement.

At check-in the inventory should explain in detail what thecurrent state of the property is like. This should be as descriptive as possibleand include everything that is in the property such as furniture. Make sure the inventory is written in clearlanguage, and defines the terms used to report the condition or cleanliness ofitems in the property. It must be clear enough for a third party to understandwithout them being present.

When the tenant ismoving out of the property a check out inventory has to also be made. This isto make sure the property is in the condition it was giving in and there are nodisputes when dealing with the deposit. It is ok for the property to have somenatural wear and tear, however if the property has any faulty to it, thelandlords and agent will not be able to issue a full refund.