Property Appraisal

At Technoestates Ltd we knowthat selling or letting a property is not the easiest. That is why we arepleased to provide an up to date sales or rental market appraisal. If you arethinking of moving homes, conducting a property appraisal is an essential step inthe process. As a Landlord you will need to be looking at different factors soyou can ensure you are getting the right market price for your property.

We provide rental and saleproperty market appraisal encase you are thinking of selling or letting outyour property, the decision will be made by you the landlord.

No plans of moving yet?

Sometimes getting a freeproperty appraisal doesn’t mean that you are putting your property on themarket straight away. It is an excellent way to determine how much your houseis worth and what improvements could be made. Getting your free appraisal alsomeans you’re thinking about your future in a more realistic way.